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What WoW Level boost is

The gaming industry has evolved a lot over the past two decades: today, it employs millions of people all over the world, encompasses many job disciplines like programmers, designers, testers, and others. There is big money involved in this business, and the ambitiousness of some game projects is very impressive. In some projects, the game worlds are vast, filled with different kinds of activities. One can say there are too many activities to master them all. And MMORPG is that kind of genre that implies hundreds of hours of gameplay. In MMORPG, a good part of the content isn't available for a player until he reaches a certain level of progress. As many people may suggest, the most thrilling part of the content is accessible after hours of gameplay. It's called end-game content. One of the most distinctive features of MMORPG is expanding games with DLC's and seasons, and those expansions bring new content for hundreds of hours of gameplay. Not all the players have enough time and desire to complete all the necessary activities, and the boosting services appear on the scene.

What is the boosting service?

The boosting service provides in-game services to accelerate your character's progress. For example, you want to reach a certain level in some MMORPG, and here comes the boosting agency that can provide such a service. Of course, it is not for free: boosters spend a lot of hours playing the game, in which they sell their services. The job for such people is to know the game that they play perfectly, be aware of how all in-game mechanics work. Boosters are specialists in their business. This service sector has evolved along with the gaming industry. Nowadays, it is hard to imagine online gaming without boosting services.

Who needs this service?

Some people would like to skip, as some may consider, one of the dullest part of the game, or, probably, they don't have free time for it. Actually, it doesn't matter why you purchase a boosting service, but it matters that you have a choice to do that. And another essential part is the social aspect. If you play a MMORPG with friends, it is easier to achieve desirable results. Of course, not everyone has friends who are gamers. The issue is that the big part of the content has a strong bond with the social aspect, for example, raids and mythic dungeons. Thus we can say that this service is also for the people who don't have playing friends.

Level boost in WOW

Since the birth of RPG, one of the focal points of this genre was leveling. Leveling is when your character played by you reaches a certain level of progress. It visits new locations, opens new skills, destroys various kinds of monsters, etc. In other words, your character evolves. In the most ambitious single-player RPG games, it might take hundreds of hours to explore the game world and to complete all the additional missions. And it is all raised to absolute in MMORPG. Usually, in single-player RPG, when you reach the maximum level, the game comes to its end. In MMORPG, on the contrary, the most exciting part begins when you reach the maximum level. And this part is the end-game content, which includes raids, complicated dungeons, arena, and others. All the listed activities require a 120-level character, and they do it for a reason - 120 is the maximum level for Battle for Azeroth, the actual expansion for World of Warcraft. For some people, it sounds like a paradox: the maximum level reached, but the game just started. The boosters are up and ready to provide any character level you wish.

How is it provided, and how safe is that?

Commonly, there are two ways of providing the boosting service (or just the boost): account-sharing and self-play. In the case of account sharing, you must give the access to your account to a person who will provide the service. And self-play says for itself: you must be in a party with the boosting team. As one may notice, account sharing is less safe than self-play. I would consider the way of account-sharing when you trust the ones who provide the service. Level boost in WOW provides through self-play. As you may guess, it is way safer than account-sharing, especially when you choose a trustworthy boosting agency like Krakenboost. Just purchase the service, and enjoy.